Tailored plans and pricing that suits your needs, excellent choice for skilled users and developers. If you don't know how to manage service we recommend to check managed VPS Plans

VPS Features

Custom Operating System

Debian, Centos, Ubuntu

Instant Activation

Offshore Servers have an automated VPS provisioning system which makes your VPS available right after your purchase


Our support staff is available 24/7 to answer any facing issues for you
Ram CPU Disk Bandwith Price Setup Fee
Ram1 GB CPU1 Core Disk15 GB Bandwith3 TB Price$14 monthly$150 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram2 GB CPU2 Core Disk20 GB Bandwith3 TB Price$22 monthly$250 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram4 GB CPU4 Core Disk35 GB Bandwith3 TB Price$37 monthly$420 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram6 GB CPU6 Core Disk45 GB Bandwith4 TB Price$57 monthly$650 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram8 GB CPU6 Core Disk60 GB Bandwith5 TB Price$67 monthly$760 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram8 GB CPU8 Core Disk75 GB Bandwith6 TB Price$77 monthly$860 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram10 GB CPU10 Core Disk120 GB Bandwith10 TB Price$140 monthly$1500 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now
Ram12 GB CPU18 Core Disk260 GB Bandwith12 TB Price$220 monthly$2500 yearly Setup FeeFREE Order Now

VPS Hosting Features

1 Gigabit Speed

Each VPS comes with 1 Gigabit shared port to ensure high speed internet on your server, this makes it ideal to run successful business.

Virtualizor Control Panel

To manage your VPS with ease, all of our VPS(s) include the Virtualizor Control panel. Virtualizor offer fully management that is very easy to clients.We use KVM virtualization for our VPS, one of the most powerful virtualization techniques in the world. Your resources are dedicated, and we do not oversell unlike other providers that use OpenVZ.

Instant Setup

After your payment is verified, your VPS is setup instantly without any waiting. Our system will install the VPS and send you the root details via email!.


Our VPS are Self Managed but you can always contact us if you ever need help with your VPS.

Premium Bandwidth

Our VPS comes with with premium bandwidth, so that your VPS/website does not slows down due to lack of bandwidth.

Windows & Linix

Our VPS(s) Supports Windows as well as Linux, just install and/or reinstall OS of your choice whenever you need.